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Why does it feel like I’m falling apart
I’m the the target throw the darts
Tired of waiting for the fresh starts
Let’s go to war
Let’s push it far
Don’t trust anyone, they’re all narks
Better yet I’m blind fighting sharks
This world isn’t against me but it might as well be
Mentally unhealthy
I lack interest in what they’re telling me
It may be for the better
To negativity I’m tethered
I’m it’s slave
Downhill is paved
For me a special gate way
It welcomes me with open arms
I know it’s present is future harms
Tearing away at my ligaments
Using them as instruments
At the end I’ll be a dividend
At least I’m not a inkless pen
No excuses
Doing it to myself
Am I really someone else
If so why do you abuse me
Do I find it amusing
That I’m bleeding
Bleeding out onto the floor
Hiding evidence in the drawer
Hoping when it’s opens it no more
Am I really hurting at the core
Or is it just bruised on the outside
Is that why there’s a huge outcry
Is it because I fear I might die
Meaning the other guy
The one that doesn’t cry
The one that is the good time
Maybe it hurts because he’s putting up a fight
Will I truly be right
Or am I stuck in twighlight.


I try
I cry
I die
Not yet
It’s gonna fall apart it doesn’t feel set
I’m going in full knowing i’ll lose the bet
Doesn’t really matter because I feel I have nothing left
Silent is the inside of my left chest
No heart beat
I’m tired of hollow sorries
Can’t feed me anymore I’m starving
A new image of myself is what I’m carving
But the edges are still rough
The texture is extra tough
Why do I use people as a crutch
It’s weird I can still do it even though with most I lack trust
They tell me it’ll get better, I fight off the word hush.
I’m really starting to bust
And my goal of finding someone isn’t to bust
I just want someone I can love and trust
Hopefully the feeling will be mutual
I really hope fighting isn’t the usual
The thought of the perfect relationship brings me to my knees with a tear in my eye
Thinking I’ll never be that guy
I feel pathetic
Seeing everything I see I wonder if pain is genetic
It’s hard to really forget it
Warm embrace with passion
Laying there with no action
Being content
No hidden intents
Is it a bad thing that I want this
Is this really why I’m dismissed
Is it really possible for me to be missed
Were feeling ever put into a kiss
It’s crazy how the snake in front doesn’t hiss
Only because it’s already over with
Buy then again
I’m still ignorant.